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Past Summer Opportunities

Summer semester is here! Summer is a bustling and busy time for ASA and we need YOU to make it even better! The SFU Accounting Student Association (ASA) is looking for bright, driven, and dedicated individuals to become a part of our team. ASA has seen exciting times in recent years and we invite you to become a part of ASA's immense growth. We are currently recruiting for the 2017 Summer Semester.

The following positions are available for the Summer semester:
1. Banquet Logistics Coordinator (2 Positions)
2. Marketing Manager (2 Positions)
3. Project Manager (10+ Positions)

To Apply:
1. Fill out the Google Form. The form includes the Job Description for each position. Please note there are written question(s) in the second part of the application form.
2. Email a PDF of your Resume to The e-mail subject line should include: [ASA] “Name of Position” - “Your Full Name”

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Thank you for your continued participation in ASA and we look forward to receiving your applications!

Recruitment Cycle

Tax Volunteers:

During Spring, over 100 students were hired to become volunteer tax filers for the SFU Community. You will receive formal training from both the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and ASA (alumni CPA articling students in tax). Applications will open in early January!

Project Managers:

During Spring and Summer we hire 10-15 Project Managers for:
• Large Scale Networking Events
• Firm Office Tours
• Firm Office Hours
• Information Sessions
• Workshops

Job Descriptions and Applications open mid-December and mid-April.

We also Hire:
• 5-6 SFU Tax Program Managers (Spring Semester)
• 1-2 ASA Banquet Logistics Coordinators (Summer Semester)

These two roles are hired in addition to the Project Manager roles, please contact for more information.

Steering Committee and Coordinators:

Applications for the Steering Committee and Coordinator roles will open in January. There will be roughly 15 positions available. We would love to have you join the ASA team! Please email the respective directors and coordinators for more information on the roles. Job descriptions and applications will go out in late December or early January.

President and Vice-President:

These two positions are elected based on student and faculty votes. ASA elections will take place during late October - early November. If you are interested in running as a candidate for the President or Vice-President role, please contact or for a coffee chat!

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