Section 1 – Name

1-1:  The name of the organization shall be SFU Accounting Student Association.

1-2:  The short form of the organization shall be ASA.

Section 2 – Objectives

2-1:  The objectives of the Association are to:

  1. Initiate and maintain fellowship between SFU students who are interested in the field of accounting.
  2. Establish close ties between SFU and the accounting profession.
  3. Assist in job search and career direction.
  4. Maintain an appropriate level of professional competence through ongoing development of knowledge and skills about the Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) designation and the different opportunities available.
  5. Contribute back to the community.

Section 3 – Membership

3-1:  Membership of the Association shall be extended to all students who register on the ASA mailing list.

3-2:  The membership fee shall be at the cost of nil.

Section 4 – Steering Committee

4-1:  This committee shall consist of:

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Director of Finance
  4. Director of External Relations
  5. Director of Events
  6. Director of Internal Relations
  7. Director of Communications

4-2:  The power and duties of the Steering Committee shall be limited to the following:

  1. Convening all general meetings, having ensured that an agenda has been prepared and that due notice has been given.
  2. Ensuring that the directives of this Constitution and decisions made by general meetings are carried out.
  3. Maintaining communications between the Association, the Business Administration Student Society, and other student unions, the SFSS, the Department, Faculty, and other University organizations as needed.
  4. Guide and support the project managers.

Section 5 – Other Members and Project Managers

5-1:  One other class of members are formally recognized and they are the Active Members. Requirements to become an Active Member are outlined below:

  1. Active members are recognized after the accumulation of 4 points.
  2. 1 point is awarded to a person for each general meeting or event that is attended during the semester; 2 points are awarded to a person for every club event they manage/volunteer in during the semester.

5-2: Project Managers will be hired at the beginning of each semester or as required. Preference for the position will be given to those who are Active Members.

Section 6 – Meetings

6-1:  Meetings shall be conducted as follows:

  1. General meetings shall be held once per week, or more frequently if required, at the call of any Steering Committee member. ASA members are welcome to attend and attendance of all Steering Committee members is required.
  2. Quorum for a general meeting shall be a majority of the seats filled of the Steering Committee. Proxy votes are not allowed.
  3. The Steering Committee shall meet once per week, or more frequently if required, at the call of the President. Quorum shall be a majority of the seats filled.
  4. If, at any time, no member of the Steering Committee is able or willing to call a general meeting at the request of the membership, any member may do so providing proper notice is given.

Section 7 – Officers

7-1:  There shall be the following officers who make up the Steering Committee:

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Director of Finance
  4. Director of External Relations
  5. Director of Events
  6. Director of Internal Relations
  7. Director of Communications

7-2:  The powers and duties of said officers shall be:


  1. To prepare agendas, chair meetings, and coordinate activities of the Club; and
  2. To ensure that the requirements of the Constitution and the decisions of the Club are carried out.
  3. To represent the Club to the Department in general, or to any Departmental Committee where a representative has not been elected, or cannot attend.
  4. To coordinate the formulation and implementation of objectives and strategies.

Vice President

  1. To keep minutes of meetings; and
  2. To manage the internal affair of the Steering Committee, including scheduling of meetings and scheduling of booths; and
  3. S/he shall assume and carry out duties of the President during his/her absence or in the event of the resignation or impeachment or abandonment of office of the President.
  4. To establish and maintain communication and rapport with SFU faculty, clubs, and other SFU personnel.

Director of Finance

  1. To maintain all financial records of the Club, including an accounting of all funds received and spent;
  2. To prepare a budget;
  3. To make regular reports to the membership; and
  4. To provide liaison between the Association and all sources of funding.

Director of External Relations

  1. To establish and maintain sponsorships, communication with any public organizations, or entities; and
  2. To update organization contact information.

Director of Internal Relations

  1. To lead and oversee the Internal Events Committee and their initiatives
  2. To assist the Vice President in SFSS bookings, hiring and training of Project Managers
  3. To establish and maintain communication and rapport with SFU faculty, clubs and other SFU personnel

Director of Communications

  1. To maintain contacts with all members of the Association, Faculty, SFSS, BASS, and other clubs.
  2. To maintain and update the Club web page.
  3. To maintain the email lists.

Signing Officers

  1. President and Director of Finance shall be designated as signing officers, with the power to sign cheques for authorized expenditures.

7-3:  Notes

  1. The Vice President and all Directors are to assist the President in carrying out responsibilities.
  2. Upon a vote of majority from the Steering Committee, there may be a maximum of two officers sharing the Vice President or any Director position (except for Director of Finance).
  3. Members: anyone on the association mailing list at the time of elections.
  4. All Steering Committee members are eligible to become Project Managers.
  5. Active members who do not show up to meetings or help out at club events can retain their title for 1 more semester following their last semester of active participation.
    1. Reinstatement of previous title will be given after attendance of 2 meetings or assistance with at least 1 event. Exception made for students on co-op work terms until they return for a study semester.
  1. Final decision of removal or addition of club members to the active members list will be made by the Steering Committee.

Section 8 – Elections and Appointment of Directors

  1. General Elections shall take place in the fall semester. The notice of elections shall be given two weeks before the election. Nominations are open until a week before elections are conducted.
  2. Only Active Members with more than 6 points are eligible to run for Vice President and President position   s.
  3. Only Active Members and Steering Committee members are eligible to vote for the new Vice President and President.
  4. An eligible person may run for no more than one position.
  5. Voting shall be by Web Survey via an email sent out to the ASA Active Member mailing list.
  6. A person who receives a majority vote will be elected. In case of a tie-vote, another speech and the second vote take place at the following meeting. If there is a tie-vote again, there will be the second vote on the same day and the current president gets two votes.
  7. In the event that a vacancy occurs for the President or Vice President roles, an election shall take place at the discretion of the President. If the presidential position is empty, responsibility will lie on a majority decision by the current Steering Committee. Notice of this meeting shall include notice of the election.
  8. Hiring of the Director positions will be done by the newly elected President and Vice President in December or January. Only Active Members with more than 6 points are eligible to apply for the Director positions.
  9. In the case that not enough eligible applicants apply for any of the Steering Committee positions, the current executives will screen all applicants on a case-by-case basis.
  10. Dismissal of any Steering Committee member can occur by a 2/3rd vote of the members present at a meeting called by the Steering Committee for this purpose. Notice of the meeting must contain the purpose and 2 weeks’ notice must be given through email to the mailing list.

Section 9 – Amendments

  1. This constitution may be amended by the membership of the Association by a 2/3rd of those present and voting at a general meeting called for the purpose.
  2. Attendees of such general meeting must include 2/3rd of the current Steering Committee.
  3. The proposed amendment must be posted prominently on a minimum of one ASA bulletin board in the WMX 2nd floor for a minimum of two weeks prior to the meeting, and all amendments must be posted on the club website.

Section 10 – Dissolution

  1. In the event that the members decide to dissolve the Association, or in the event that the Association becomes inactive, all assets of the Association become the property of the Simon Fraser Student Union, to be held in trust for a minimum period of two years.
  2. If, during this period, the Association becomes active again, the trust shall be dissolved and all assets shall become the property of the Association.
  3. After two years, if the trust has not been dissolved, the Simon Fraser Student Society may dispose of the assets as it sees fit.
  4. For the purpose of this article, the Association shall have become inactive if, for two consecutive semesters, the membership does not hold the minimum number of general meetings as required by this constitution.
  5. This article shall not be altered except with prior written consent of the Simon Fraser Student Society.